to send an e-mail to cast your vote AGAINST increases in Lake Anna water temperatures and water flow.

Help the Friends of Lake Anna
Cast your Vote AGAINST increased water temperatures and water flows as a result of a
3rd and 4th Nuclear Plant.

  • To date, the water temperature of Lake Anna has exceeded 104F.

  • Increased temperatures could create many health problems.

  • Did you know that you should not go into a hot tub if over 104F or at any time if you have heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes or high blood pressure or are pregnant without consulting a physician. The new requested 3rd and 4th reactor request could increase the temperature to 113F.

  • We are not opposed to new reactors, but we are opposed to increased water temperatures, increase flow, and increased water levels.

  • Increased water flow will result in higher lake levels causing damage to private property and erosion.

  • Virginia State or the Federal Government are not monitoring the warm side of the lake or Dike 3 water flow into the main lake.

  • Possible loss of millions of dollars in property values & tax dollars.

  • Please read the attached letters

Thanks for your help!

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  • Contact Keith Pierce  703-400-3391 for further info